Our Valued Customers


4.5 / 5 – Great for comic fans



Our Valued Customers consists of single panel comics of the ridiculous things people say in comic book stores. Tim Chamberlain or ‘Mr. Tim’ started the comic in 2010 based on his experiences working in an actual comic store. It’s a simple concept but it definitely has a lot of entertainment value to it. Rated ‘R’ for language (would otherwise be PG if you skipped those).

What’s Awesome About It?

If you enjoy hearing people say really stupid things, you’ll enjoy Our Valued Customers (OVC from here on). Anyone who’s been in a comic book store even a couple times has probably heard their share of ridiculous statements there, and even if you don’t frequent comic stores, most of these statements have a pretty universally stupid appeal to them. The comics distill the essence of hearing your friends talk about the stupid things your other friends have said to its core, essentially giving you the interesting highlights of dealing with an “interesting” character without actually having to, well, deal with them. The caricature-esque drawings of the customers drive the points home, and there are quite a few times you’ll be going “Of course someone in a Tapout shirt said that” or the like.

The comic is in a blog format and the title of each post gives enough context to under each statement without spoiling things with a whole conversation. Make sure to look at the tags under each post too. These give various labels to the customers: creeps, crazies, jerks, dopes, and jus’ folks being the most common. Much of the discussion in the (often entertaining and well moderated) comments section revolves around the application of the “it’s true” tag which, when applied to certain statements really drives home the joke.

The short version is that if you ever have hung out in a comic book store or thought you might want to hang out in a comic book store but didn’t want to actually be near some of the more unsavory people there, you’ll like this comic. Ditto if you’re just a casual fan of comics/pop culture and you just like hearing people say ridiculous stuff. This comic will brighten up the day in much the same way as listening to one of your more off-the-wall friends go off on a bizarre rant – but with only the funny statement that you end up remembering from said rant and none of the thirty minute long boredom typically associated with such things.


 My Thoughts

I like OVC quite a bit. It’s a super quick read with its one panel comics and it’s a great addition to a list of joke-themed webcomics. Updates are pretty frequent and quality is consistently good, which are definite pluses for any webcomic.

As far as negatives are concerned, the comic’s blog format, while usually not an issue, makes reading through the archives somewhat of a pain, although it’s something I’d still definitely encourage if you like the first couple of comics. Some of the references are a bit dated but for the most part, there’s some good stuff back there. Plus, with the nature of the comic, you’re not missing out on any ongoing storylines or continuing characters by reading the archive from most recent to oldest, so it’s not really a huge loss.

Another thing is if you’re the kind of person who just hates it when people say stupid things, you might find the comic somewhat annoying but then again, most people who say they hate stupid people actually enjoy mocking them so…they might actually enjoy the comic quite a bit.

In summary, it’s good – go check it out!

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