Snow By Night

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4/5 – An Intriguing Fantasy Tale
Billing itself as a “Tale of Colonial Fantasy”, Snow By Night follows the exploits of a pair of (relatively) kind-hearted thieves and their exploits and eventual encounter with a snow spirit, the eponymous Snow-by-Night.  Featuring highly likable characters, excellent art, and an interesting setting, Snow by Night is a great read for fans of fantasy, derring-do, and intrigue.
What’s Awesome About It?
The main thing I like about Snow by Night is the setting. Its French-inspired colonial setting is a refreshing change of pace from your stereotypical fantasy setting. The main characters, Blaise and Jassart are also quite interesting, and I found myself interested in their goings on from early in the comic’s run. Another cool thing this comic does is run short vignettes after each “issue” of the main story (of which there are currently six). I’m excited to see where the story goes as things carry on!
My Thoughts
This comic was a fun read. Like many story-driven webcomics, I wish the story would go quicker, but Snow by Night does a much better job of pacing than a lot of other story comics, so I give them credit for that. One thing I especially liked were the vignettes – I almost like these more than the actual story (and I like the story quite a bit too!) They sort of remind me of Neil Gaiman’s classic series Sandman in a way, with how they flesh out the larger world and give you an insight into some different characters. Snow by Night is definitely worth a read if you want fantasy that’s different than your typical fair but still has that spark of fun and excitement.   Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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