Three Word Phrase

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4/5 – Great Humor, Rather Strange 

A humor strip with all sorts of random humor. Rated R – sex references and rampant swearing. However, if you like sometimes rather offbeat humor, this comic has some excellent gems.
What’s Awesome About It?
Three Word Phrase is a hard comic to talk about in a general sense as it has little to unite its comics aside from being from the same author, Ryan Pequin. The early comics are pretty rough, but the art and jokes improve as you go along and there are some strips that I consider to be just absolutely hilarious. The archive is just shy of 300 strips as of this writing, so it shouldn’t take too long to go through them all. Although it’s sort of hit and miss, it’s definitely worth reading through for the gems. You won’t regret it if you do (unless you hate the occasional sex joke).
My Thoughts

I really like this comic. It meshes with my sense of humor but I think it’s definitely not for everyone. Another thing to note is that as of this writing the comic hasn’t updated in a while. Presumably this relates to the artist’s money troubles discussed on the site. However, the artist is still around. (He does the backup stories for the also excellent print comic “Bravest Warriors” from Kaboom!) If you like joke strips with a sense of humor that is at times quite strange but undeniably creative and funny, this is the place to get it!   Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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