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5/5 – One of the best webcomics out there 

A gag strip detailing a variety of strange and humorous situations. There are a few recurring characters but for the most part each strip stands on its own. Running since 2007, it’s done by a two-man team of excellent people. The FAQ on their site, found here: is actually quite entertaining, and well worth a read on its own.  Rated ‘R’ for swearing and adult situations (although no explicit images).
What’s Awesome About It?
Quite simply, Amazing Super Powers is one of the funniest comics on the internet, or anywhere really. The nature of the jokes vary, but they always keep a high level of quality and will get you laughing out loud all the time. The art style has evolved through the comic’s run, but was never bad, just different.
Probably the best part about Amazing Super Powers though is that each comic has three punchlines. How you ask? Well, each comic has the strip itself, of course. Then there’s the hover text that appears when you hover your mouse over the comic (now also available via a button in the comments for those browsing on a smartphone, which is a nice feature). This text is very well done and definitely a don’t miss part of the experience. A lot of webcomics incorporate hover-text, but few do it as well as Amazing Super Powers.
But wait, there’s more! Each comic (not counting the first several in the archive) has a second “hidden” comic (often just an extra panel but sometimes more) that can be found by floating your mouse in the space just to the upper right outside the comic border. A little question mark will show up, click on it, and there’s your hidden comic. This is great because the hidden comics often have jokes that build off the existing punchline or accentuate it and just make everything better.
My Thoughts
Just the very fact that you get so much excellent comic (the strip, the hover text, and the hidden comic) in every comic combined with the fact that nearly every strip is just plain funny, and you really have a hard time going wrong with this one. Well, unless you dislike semi-tasteless humor, I guess, but then I doubt you’d be looking for comedy webcomics. I really can’t recommend Amazing Super Powers highly enough, so I’ll just say this: read it. It’s amazing. (Although it may or may not give you super powers).   Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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