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1.5/5 – Stare Now Into the Eyes of Madness
Ants and occasionally other similarly ant-sized creatures go about their daily lives and deal with a variety of problems in a bizarre, surreal landscape. It’s also currently up for an Eisner award, the full list of candidates is available here: And I’ll be reviewing all of the webcomics there, by the way, this is merely the first (chosen alphabetically). The comic is completed and no longer updating.
What’s Awesome About It?
This is a comic where the second page involves hundreds of psychedelically colored ants waiting in line to enter the giant vagina of any ant queen straight out of what I can only imagine to be a very bad acid trip. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys deeply weird, psychedelic-style comics, I imagine you might like this a lot.
There’s no denying that this comic is unique, and perhaps even thought provoking. It certainly made me feel something although that feeling was “what the F*#@ am I reading?!” more so than anything else. If you’re looking for a normal comic, or even a relatively normal comic, this is not the place you want to go. This is so far off the road to normal that the normal laws of physics don’t even still apply. But if weird is your thing, look no further.
My Thoughts
Quite honestly, this comic confuses and disturbs me on a deep level. It has reaffirmed my previously held notion that comics attempting to be artistic can also be very, very, VERY strange. I would not recommend this comic. I barely managed to finish it and, full disclosure, I started to skim a little bit near the end.

All in all though I can say that this comic has officially earned the title of strangest webcomic I’ve ever read, and it’s also probably the strangest comic of any kind I’ve read for that matter. In that sense, it’s pretty impressive, because I’ve read some weird comic (although apparently my knowledge of “acid trip” genre is lacking). In closing, this comic is weird. SO. WEIRD.   Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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