Oyster War

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3.5/5 – A Rollicking Seaside Tale
When pirates begin illegally dredging for Oysters, everyone’s livelihood is threatened, and it’s up to a former Navy captain and his motley crew to stop them. It’s also currently up for an Eisner award, the full list of candidates is available here: http://www.comic-con.org/awards/will-eisner-comic-industry-award-nominees-2013. I’ll be reviewing all of the webcomics there – this is the fourth in that series.

What’s Awesome About It?
This comic has a lot of quality elements to it. The art’s good, and has an old school newspaper comic strip or illustrated storybook feel to it, while staying more “mature” (although the content is family-friendly) than your typical example of that genre. The characters are entertaining and the story is well-paced, with events of note constantly happening and little wasted space. This is likely due to the benefit of the story having a planned definite endpoint after twelve chapters (of which the comic is currently in its ninth, updating at a page every other week).

My Thoughts
This comic is entertaining. The story is solid and I feel this would be a great story to get adapted into a cartoon movie or something of that nature. The art also lends a lot to the story’s classic feel, and I think it does a lot for the story. I would have no problem recommending this comic to someone looking for a fairly short, entertaining story, especially fans of pirates or historical comics.
However, while I do like this comic and I feel there’s nothing at all wrong with it, I personally thought it lacked that extra something that makes me want to keep following a comic week after week. This likely has to do with me not being a particular fan of the genre. That said, I think this comic is definitely worth a read, and I look forward to seeing it finished.

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