3.5/5- Decent slice of life, but the price of admission is a LOT of Transformers jokes


Shortpacked! is a slice of life strip that revolves around a relatively large cast of characters who all work in the eponymous Shortpacked toy store.  The strip alternates between runs of story and stretches of gag strips that focus on either Hasbro toy properties (mostly Transformers) or on Batman.  The strip is also a part of the comprehensive Walkyverse of webcomics which includes three other completed comics by the author David Willis: Roomies!, It’s Walky!, and Joyce and Walky!  Characters from Shortpacked are also featured in Willis’ other current slice of life strip, Dumbing of Age.

What’s Awesome About It?

The art is relatively consistent as Willis got his lower quality art phase out of the way with his earlier webcomics.  The strip has an extremely large archive that can take a while to get through as the strip has been updating frequently since 2005.  The strip also has a good bit of tie in to other Walky titles, although these other titles are not absolutely required reading to understand what is going on in Shortpacked!  Willis also updates three times a week while in gag strip phase and five times a week during story lines.

My Thoughts

The comic definitely has pretty good writing, displaying Willis’ penchant for writing good characters and skillfully balancing serious subjects with a good bit of humor.  That being said, Shortpacked! is extremely heavy on the Transformers jokes especially, so if Transformers is something that you don’t follow (like myself), then a significant portion of the comic is more or less a lost cause of jokes that you won’t get.  Overall, the strip boasts a good showcase of Willis’ unique slice of life writing style, but gets a bit heavy with toy jokes. Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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