Junior Scientist Power Hour

junior scientist


3.5/5 – Decent Humor, Fairly Typical

A semi-autobiographical comic with plenty of various humorous situations and generic funny stuff thrown in. This webcomic is done by Abby Howard, who some of your might know from the excellent webcomic reality show Strip Search, airing now at: http://www.penny-arcade.com/strip-search I’ll be reviewing all the webcomics by the Strip Search contestants over the next few weeks, so if you like the show and you’ve been thinking about looking at the contestants comics, look here first!

What’s Awesome About It?
There are some solid jokes and entertaining situations here. The humor is that sort of “internet bred” witty observations on normal life filtered through the lens of cool stuff like science and dinosaurs that I personally enjoy. The art isn’t great but the blocky cartoon style fits the comic and is distinctive.
While I enjoyed this comic, I felt some of the stories were longer than they needed to be, causing a thin premise to really drag. But my main problem with this comic is that it lacked anything really special, any standout quality to differentiate it from the countless other humorous autobio comics.

My Thoughts
Abby has grown on me as my favorite contestant on Strip Search. I like her style of humor and the comic does reflect that. Overall, I think the comic is decent but I feel it could be a lot more and I wish the best of luck to the creator in the future!

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