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2.5/5 – Science, and not a whole lot else 

Jokes about science and the scientific mindset, plus some other assorted comedy. This webcomic is done by Maki Naro, a contestant on Strip Search, airing now at: I’ll be reviewing all the webcomics by the Strip Search contestants over the next few weeks, and this is the second one I’m reviewing.

What’s Awesome About It?
Some of these comics are funny, and have some witty observations about science and the like. However, many of the comics, and especially the ones from earlier in the archive, suffer heavily from just not really having a joke besides “Unscientific people sure are dumb!” The comic also pushes the pro-science/atheism agenda pretty heavily. While this is an agenda I personally don’t mind, it’s not particularly, and most of the comics relating to it are rather shallow.
The art is decent, but varies a lot and sometimes I feel it isn’t as fitting as it could be. Overall, if you’re the kind of person who really enjoys science, I think you’ll like this comic.

My Thoughts
I thought this comics earlier strips were pretty weak, although it does improve in the later strips. If you decide to read this comic, what I’d recommend is starting with the most recent comic and paging back instead of starting at the beginning. There aren’t really any comics that back reference, so you should be fine and then you can just stop reading when or if you feel the quality has fallen too far. Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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