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1.5/5 – Boring and Unfunny

Citation Needed is about a group of friends and the antics they get up to throughout their lives, with plenty of jokes along the way. This is the comic of Chris O’Brien and Amy T. Falcone, a contestant on Strip Search, airing now at: I’ll be reviewing all the webcomics by the Strip Search contestants over the next few weeks, and this is the fourth one I’m reviewing.

What’s Awesome About It?

In my opinion this comic has very little to recommend it. The art is a pretty solid cartoony style, sort of reminiscent of Penny Arcade, but doesn’t particularly stand out. The characters, such as they are, aren’t particularly funny, likable, or distinct, being mostly 20-somethings up to typical 20-somethings antics. The jokes are mostly either lowbrow sexual references or highly topical pop culture references. The occasional joke might elicit a chuckle, but the amount of simply unfunny or uninteresting strips you need to go through to get there is, in my opinion, not worth it.

My Thoughts

I don’t really like this comic – to me, it’s just another “cartoonist makes comics about people relating to their friends” comic with some jokes that would probably be funny if you heard them in person, but that largely fall flat when rendered in comic form. The characters similarly might be fun people to hang out with if they were in real life, but what they get up to in the comic is just plain not that interesting. If you’re a big fan of slice-of-life stories with some humor thrown in, and are also a 20-something who wants to read about the lives of other 20-somethings, you might like this comic.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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