Rating: 5/5 – A perfect mix of gag strip and slice of life


Whomp! follows the life of a ball-shaped obese man named Ronnie, his roommate Agrias, and the physical manifestation of his motivation.  The comic is technically classified as slice of life, but tends more towards being a gag strip centered on the antics that Ronnie gets involved in that usually involve McDonald’s chicken nuggets or Ronnie’s love of all things Japanese.  It updates three times a week.

What Makes It Awesome
The art has a very consistent and good style except in some of the earliest instances of the comic.  The comic also boasts a very consistent quality of good jokes that cater to an audience privy to cultural institutes such as anime, manga, and McDonald’s.  The comic also has very long hover text portions that add a unique kind of additional humor to each strip.  The strip also has very solid slice of life portions that play off of the few character’s well established character traits.

My Thoughts
I think that Whomp! is one of the best gag strips and a good slice of life to boot.  This makes it stand out from the other comics I read, as authors usually don’t manage to so skillfully combine together consistently great jokes with plot lines that the reader will actually care about.  I highly recommend that everyone read this comic.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – greg@comicspectrum.com
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