Rating: 4.5/5 – A fantastically cute comic that DC and superhero fans will love


JL8 is a comic that follows the main members of DC Comics’ Justice League of America as 8-year-old elementary school students.  It mostly follows a plot line that involves many different DC characters.  The comics are archived at the site above, but it doesn’t always get updated with the most recent strips immediately, which are found on the author’s tumblr here http://jl8comic.tumblr.com/.  It usually updates once or twice per week.

What Makes It Awesome
JL8 serves a great mix of original plot, character development, and funny moments playing off of the characters being child versions of DC’s most famous characters.  While the heroes definitely draw elements of their characters from their DC Comics counterparts, they also take on some unique aspects of their own that can be understood as products of their portrayals as young children.  The art also does a great job of bringing younger versions of these heroes to life while also maintaining a style that is faithful to that of more classic comics with the framing being designed in such a way as to resemble print comics.

My Thoughts
I think that this strip is fantastically done and one of the best new strips from the last year.  Despite not having read too many DC titles myself, I think that JL8 does a fantastic job of combining together its own unique take on DC properties while still maintaining a faithful base to the source material.  It also manages to keep up a riveting plot line even though the characters are only 8 years old.  Anyone who likes the DC characters should most definitely give this comic a read through.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – greg@comicspectrum.com
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