Scenes from a Multiverse


Rating: 3.5/5- Good wacky humor, but a lot of political agenda

Scenes from a Multiverse is a gag strip that is set in various extra-dimensional locales.  The strips generally involve relatively normal things put into an insane context.  It also has a decent amount of hover text/alt-text on every strip and updates 3 times a week.

What Makes It Awesome
The comic’s placing of normal situations and events into a wacky context ends up creating some really great humor.  It also has plenty of well-written pop culture strips mixed in with strips that concern themselves with rabbits in space.  The comic does, however, frequently feature strips that take a political or religious position that would generally be considered liberal.

My Thoughts
In my opinion, this comic is a funny and unique gag strip, with a good mixture f humor, cultural commentary, and humorous miniature plot lines.  Also, while I myself don’t entirely disagree with the author’s political and religious opinions, I definitely feel that certain people who do happen to disagree would not find the comic particularly enjoyable and should most likely avoid it.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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