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Stranger Danger

3.5/5 – Kids say the darnedest things Premise A dad, his wife, and his kid go through their lives, and have geeky insights in the world of parenting. This is the comic of Tavis Maiden, a contestant on Strip … Continue reading

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Girls With Slingshots

Rating: 4/5- Really solid and somewhat humorous slice of life Premise Girls With slingshots is a slice of life strip that centers on a large cast of characters (mostly twenty-somethings) headed by the alcoholic Hazel.  It updates five days … Continue reading

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World’s Strongest Mailman

Rating – 3.5/5 – A funny and clever story of the World’s Strongest Mailman. “Strongville is home to some of the Mightiest Men to ever walk the earth…”, those mightiest men include the world’s strongest dentist, the world’s strongest … Continue reading

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Rating: 2.5/5 – Short, OK humor Premise A loon (the bird, although I’m sure the association with being loony was intentional) meets an alien (who also looks like a loon) and they decide to date. Hijinks and mostly sex-driven … Continue reading

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The End

4/5- Well-Written Sci-Fi Comic Premise The End is a science fiction comic that follows two bird-like aliens who visit Earth in an attempt to save a number of its people before the Earth goes extinct.  The series quickly becomes … Continue reading

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2/5- A collection of mostly failed attempts at jokes. Premise For the record: I will only be reviewing Ctrl+Alt+Del after the reboot that it had near the end of 2012, so my review only reflects the comic after that … Continue reading

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Skadi the Barbarian

1.5/5 – There’s not much here to enjoy Premise Skadi is a barbarian who travels around punching people and strange looking animals and being angry. This webcomic is done by Katie Rice, a contestant on Strip Search, airing now … Continue reading

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