Saint for Rent

saint for rent

Rating: 4.5/5 – Beautifully Executed Fantasy Tale

Saint for Rent is a semi-animated comic about a man named Saint who has inherited an inn from his father that is stayed at by time travelers.  The strip is still relatively new and updates once a week, so it doesn’t have that considerable of an archive at the moment.

What Makes It Awesome
Although not much has happened in Saint for Rent as there are only about 50 pages as of the writing of this review, it definitely is shaping up to be an interesting comic.  The main thing that makes this comic stick out compared to other comics is the artistic style.  It combines together a great art style, an interesting color palette, and partial animations.  The comic’s concept also seems very promising, combining the generally science fiction run time travel genre with more traditionally fantasy elements such as shape-shifting and giant evil monsters.

My Thoughts
I am really looking forward to what the creator is going to do with this comic.  I love time travel as a genre and am very interested to see where the author decides to go with it in her universe.  I also am a huge fan of the entire aesthetic style of the comic and think that it makes the comic almost like a cartoon put straight into comic form, while still maintaining some distinctly animated elements.  I highly recommend this comic.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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