Rating: 4/5 – Good dystopian sci-fi story

Metacarpolis is a science fiction comic that follows a guy named Max who finds himself unemployed after the evil corporation (Doom Corp) that he had worked for his whole life goes out of business.  There are also other people who are now vying over Metacarpolis.  It has extensive alt-text/hover texts on each strip and updates three times a week.

What Makes It Awesome
Metacarpolis is still a relatively new comic, only having been around since late August 2012.  However, it does update relatively consistently and has a pretty decent archive already as a result.  This comic combines together a cool setting that has already shown a lot of its potential, with the presence of a Team Rocket style corporation and tiny flying robots while also having very robust and well developed characters.  The art style is also very interesting, using a lot of shading in a cartoonish style, but with a color palette that is mostly drab blacks, grays, and browns to give the feeling of an industrial megalopolis all the way through the comic.

My Thoughts
This comic is definitely looking to be good.  It has some decent humor and the plot, as of the writing of this review, seems to be building towards a larger mystery.  Despite this, the world could be slightly more expanded upon as it does have the potential to be very interesting.  This may, however, simply be a narrative choice by the author as the comic is still relatively new and I look forward to where it goes in the future and would recommend it to fans of sci-fi comics or story comics.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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