Plain Comics (Space Monsters! Space Ships! And Louisiana Purchased)

Satan Signs the Deed

4/5 – Strong Intros, not very far along

This is the site hosting the comics of Mackenzie Schubert, who some of your might know from the excellent webcomic reality show Strip Search, airing now at: I’ll be reviewing all the webcomics by the Strip Search contestants over the next few weeks, so if you like the show and you’ve been thinking about looking at the contestants comics, look here first!

Currently Plain Comics hosts two comics – Space Monsters! Space Ships! Is a strange tale that does involve both space monsters and space ships, although isn’t far enough along for me to really tell you much more than that. Louisiana Purchased is the story of when the president sold Louisiana to Satan to pay off the national debt.

What’s Awesome About It?
Currently, Plain Comics has two comics up, but both only have a preface and the first chapter as of the time of this writing. Both comics showcase excellent art and interesting premises. The stories haven’t developed very far at all, being pretty much entirely exposition at this point, but look to be going in some interesting directions. Plus, with art as interesting as Mackenzie’s it’s worth the wait.

My Thoughts
It’s hard to really judge these comics due to how little there is of them. What’s there is good, but ultimately it’ll be up to the rest of the comics to really tell if they’ll be excellent or merely OK. One thing’s for sure though – the art will be good and things will likely go in some unexpected directions (I mean with a premise like Satan buying himself a state, how can you go wrong?)

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