Blast Furnace – Recreational Thief

blast furnace 1

Rating: 4/5 – Random, wacky shenanigans all the time
Blast Furnace is a thief who lives in a world of crazy action, talking animals, and robot businessmen made from smaller robot businessmen. For those familiar with the webcomic Axe Cop, think that, but written by an adult. There’s also a collected volume one available on the site.

What’s Awesome About It?
Blast Furnace was made as something of an improvisational comic, with one page a day for six months, each page taking under an hour and little planning ahead of time. The story takes some detours, but manages to keep up a good pace. The art quality is ok, but becomes notable just for the sheer bizarre-ness of some of the things being drawn.

This is a comic you’ll definitely like if you’re a fan of goofy random stuff and wacky action, although there does manage to be a plot in the mix somewhere as well, so it isn’t ALL craziness (just most of it).

My Thoughts
As a fan of wacky shenanigan filled misadventures and the kind of person who can most definitely be drawn to read something by the presence of gun-toting owls and horses on the cover, I liked this book quite a bit. If all this business sounds dumb to you though, you’re probably not going to like it, as the comic just spirals through more and more crazy situations.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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2 Responses to Blast Furnace – Recreational Thief

  1. Andrew says:

    He created a kickstarter for a paper copy of the complete tales which I backed and received. It really was a very great value kickstarter if you are a fan of the material. I would imagine that copies will be for sale at some point once the fulfillment of the kickstarter is finished.

  2. The print volume is available for sale on Browne’s site now if you follow the link in the review…..

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