Sandra and Woo


Rating: 4/5 – A Calvin and Hobbes-esque tale of a girl and her raccoon

Sandra and Woo is a comic about a teenage girl named Sandra and her talking pet raccoon Woo.  They get into various misadventures along with their friends Cloud (named after the Final Fantasy character) and Larisa (a pyromaniac).  It updates twice a week.

What Makes It Awesome
Sandra and Woo is unique in the realm of webcomics in that it is very solidly family friendly.  While most other webcomics rely on swearing and lewd humor, Sandra and Woo maintains a very kid friendly vibe.  The story is reminiscent of newspaper comics, Calvin and Hobbes especially.  The comic also manages to introduce relatively good plot lines, while still intermixing generic and pop culture jokes.  The series has become more referenced to contemporary culture as it has progressed, but it still is a quality production.

My Thoughts
I definitely like Sandra and Woo and think that it is a great comic for all ages.  I find a lot of the content to be very cute and endearing as plot lines focus on anthropomorphic raccoons, foxes, and squirrels as well as a group of mostly innocent 12 year-old kids.  I recommend this to people who are looking for a safer alternative to webcomics or those who were fans of some newspaper comics.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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