Girls of Monster Paradise


Rating: 1.5/5- Uninteresting Sitcom Style Comic

Girls of Monster Paradise takes place on a utopian island paradise inhabited by cartoony monsters who are each partnered up with a former damsel in distress who now lives there after having been kidnapped by the monster.

What Makes It Awesome
As far as I’m concerned, this comic doesn’t have a whole lot going for it.  The premise itself is a bit shaky and as of the writing of this review has not been delved into much aside from a monster hunter appearing on the island.  The art, while not bad by any stretch, is also not anything particularly special as it strongly resembles cartoons such as Powerpuff girls or Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, shows which the artist previously worked on, except less interesting.  The format of the comic is a combination gag/story strip.  However, the actual execution of this is mostly poor, with most strips resembling some sort of old fashioned sitcom.  The attempts at humor seem to be trying to play off of the characters, but the characters are all, maybe somewhat intentionally, extremely over-hashed tropes.  The end result is a collection of strips with mostly unfunny jokes and little to no actual plot advancement.

My Thoughts
I honestly was not a fan of this comic.  While the premise and art seemed like it could be a somewhat endearing cartoon-style romp, it ended up mostly being bland.  The plot lines so far involve standard horribly over-played events such as trying to surf or a monster eating too much food without sharing.  I was also wholly unimpressed with the characters and the fact that the first strip of the comic telegraphed almost everything else that has happened up to the point at which the comic has reached as of the writing of this review.  All in all, while this comic isn’t explicitly bad, it isn’t really worth reading either and I can’t personally recommend it.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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