Ava’s Demon


Rating: 4.5/5- Brilliant Sci-Fi and Artistic Experience

Ava’s Demon follows a young girl named Ava who is haunted by a demon that no one else can see.  The comic also takes place in a rich interplanetary science fiction world that is still being fleshed out.  The comic unfortunately only updates one panel at a time, so it’s very slow to get the plot moving.

What Makes It Awesome
There are so many good things about Ava’s Demon.  For one, this comic has amazing art, with good stylized drawings combined together with well done color coding of different characters.  The characters are also very well-developed, even in the relatively short span that the comic has covered as of the writing of this review.  The world that the comic takes place in also seems to be extremely rich and has only just begun to be explored by the author.

My Thoughts
I am absolutely in love with this comic for quite a few reasons.  It has appeal to fans of science fiction, fantasy, and teen stories while still maintaining a skillful and mature level of writing.  The story also has a very good overall sense of pacing, which is slightly hampered by its slow update cycle.  I recommend this comic to almost anyone who enjoys science fiction, fantasy, or just plain old well-written characters.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – greg@comicspectrum.com
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One Response to Ava’s Demon

  1. Andrew says:

    I was not reading the webcomic but I am backing the kickstarter. I still tend to prefer paper comics. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1908899476/avas-demon-book-one

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