Awkward Zombie


Rating: 4/5- Good humor, but references can get obscure

Awkward Zombie is a gag strip that concerns itself primarily with video game related humor.  Updates once a week on Mondays and has a buffer of about four strips, so it almost always updates on time.

What Makes It Awesome
Awkward Zombie has quite a bit of good humor.  These mostly are in the forms of relatively uniquely crafted video game jokes.  However, this serves as a kind of double-edged sword for the comic as the references often require somewhat more an in-depth knowledge of the games being referenced.  The fact that there is a buffer of at least a month at all times means that none of the references to games are extremely relevant, being dated by at least a month.  The art is also interesting in its style and is relatively consistent in a very lanky cartoony way.

My Thoughts
I personally think Awkward Zombie is a very good comic.  The humor and overall joke writing are, in general, quite good.  However, the comic doesn’t have a giant audience that it can really appeal to because of the inherently exclusive nature of its references.  All in all, I’d recommend Awkward Zombie to fans of video games, but those who don’t play games should probably pass.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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