The End

The End

4/5- Well-Written Sci-Fi Comic

The End is a science fiction comic that follows two bird-like aliens who visit Earth in an attempt to save a number of its people before the Earth goes extinct.  The series quickly becomes a mix between a tale of intrigue on Earth and in space as the aliens crash-land near a comic book convention.  It updates twice a week, but sometimes skips updates.

 What Makes It Awesome
The End has a decent bit of good going for it.  The plot is relatively original in its execution and also has very well-written characters.  It does suffer somewhat, however, from a slow update schedule and relatively dragged out arcs making plot development in the various different characters slow at times.  The art is also quite good and conveys different atmospheres and settings very well.

My Thoughts
I think that The End is a concept with amazing potential, but it isn’t quite there yet.  Due to the  relative newness of the comic (it came out in 2012), it hasn’t quite had the time that a story comic often needs to develop its characters and plotlines to the point where it doesn’t require a large amount of exposition.  I believe that if the amount of exposition eventually begins to dwindle and go back into active plot, then the comic will really start to realize the full potential of its concept.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall –
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