World’s Strongest Mailman


Rating – 3.5/5 – A funny and clever story of the World’s Strongest Mailman.
“Strongville is home to some of the Mightiest Men to ever walk the earth…”, those mightiest men include the world’s strongest dentist, the world’s strongest policeman and the titled hero of King Bone Press’s webcomic World’s Strongest Mailman.

I haven’t read many webcomics so this was a new experience for me, and it didn’t disappoint.  This is a webcomic that is also available as a comic available on the site at   Issue #1 presents 4 stories (including a two-parter) that introduce us to all the main and supporting characters in Strongville.  Svend Samuelsson is the Strongest Mailman and the main character in the story.  He’s an ex-strongman that chooses to reside in Strongville, USA because “he came where people needed him most, to America, where people are plagued by daily hardships”.  This line gives you a nice sense of the book’s humor.  It can be sarcastic and silly, yet builds some nice bits of continuity and character building throughout the 4 stories.  Although introduced to a handful of characters over the first issue’s 35 pages, you get the sense that they’ll all play a role within future stories.     There are also a few laugh out loud moments within the book, especially with the clever use of onomatopoeia throughout.

World’s Strongest Mailman was created by Jon Westhoff and Bryan Boles.  Each story within issue one is written by Jon, while the art duties are shared by Bryan and guest artists Matt Gross and Ben Tiede.  I personally loved the art style in story 3 by guest artist Matt Gross who pits Svend against the World’s Strongest Dentist.  While the writing and storytelling kept me engaged throughout, I felt as though the art at times did not.  Each of the three art styles worked together, it just felt as though the art took a step back at times, and even within certain panels.  I also felt that the art in the last story was not as strong as the first, although both were drawn by the same artist, co-creator Bryan Boles.  I hope that with more time and more issues, he can build some better consistency.

I’m curious to see where this story goes and I’ll make sure to check in at for the further adventures of Sven.  It’s a funny strip that doesn’t require much from the reader other than a sense of humor and taking the time to find one of the hidden gems within the world of webcomics.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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