Girls With Slingshots


Rating: 4/5- Really solid and somewhat humorous slice of life

Girls With slingshots is a slice of life strip that centers on a large cast of characters (mostly twenty-somethings) headed by the alcoholic Hazel.  It updates five days a week, adds in alt-text about half-way through the archive, and contains strong language and frequent sexual references.

What Makes It Awesome
Girls With Slingshots is, overall, an extremely solid slice of life strip.  While it lacks a fantastical feature that most other slice of life strips often boast, this can end up giving it its own unique charm.  The comic’s strong point is mainly the quality of writing by Danielle Corsetto.  It combines a good sized cast of well-developed characters in well-paced story arcs.  The comic also does a good job paying attention to only a certain part of the cast at any one time, making it much easier for the reader to follow.

My Thoughts
I am definitely a fan of Girls With Slingshots.  It was unintentionally the first slice of life strip that I started reading and I’ve definitely stayed a fan.  While the comic can ignore certain character in favor of others for long periods of time, it ends up with a very good balance overall.  I would definitely recommend this comic to anyone who is a fan of slice of life strips with a nice touch of humor.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall – the full spectrum of comics culture
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