Stranger Danger


3.5/5 – Kids say the darnedest things
A dad, his wife, and his kid go through their lives, and have geeky insights in the world of parenting. This is the comic of Tavis Maiden, a contestant on Strip Search, airing at:

What’s Awesome About It?

This comic has a lot of charm. It’s basically about Tavis raising his kid along with his wife. The jokes are a mix of humorous situations and pop culture, and while few are laugh out loud funny, many will elicit a chuckle. I suspect that if you yourself are a parent you’ll enjoy this comic all the more. The art is solid and playful and fits the style well.

The comic has no formal archive I could find, being listed on his blog, Thunderskull Press, although a search by tags can yield all the comics (which is what’s linked above). Overall, the comic is well done for what it is, but the humor can be somewhat repetitive (often boiling down to ‘kid does something goofy, how wacky!’) but if you enjoy that sort of thing, there’s plenty of it.

My Thoughts
Personally, I thought this comic was OK. It’s not exactly my cup of tea and to be honest I thought a lot of the strips were only ok. That said, there are others which were pretty entertaining, and as a quick read I thought it was a worthwhile way to spend a little bit of time.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall Covering the full spectrum of comics culture 

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