The Order of the Stick


Rating: 5/5 – One of the Best Story Comics on the Net

A party of adventurers in a D&D world go on adventures, poke fun at things, and try to save the world.

What’s Awesome About It?
Order of the Stick is one of the all-time great webcomics, and if you’ve never read it before, well – the beauty of webcomics is that all you need to do is pony up and start reading and you can go through the whole epic saga at the click of your mouse. Balancing a near-perfect mix of humor and genuinely compelling character-driven narrative, Order of the Stick masterfully tells a truly compelling fantasy narrative in a way that well suits the infrequent updates of the webcomic format, while still being a joy to read through in rapid succession.

While set in a D&D universe, one by no means need to be a D&D player to enjoy the comic. Early on, there are more D&D-specific jokes, but almost all make sense in context and don’t detract from the overall story. As the comic goes on, such references become scarcer, and while knowledge of D&D is helpful, the comic stands on its own as an excellent fantasy story, while still managing to slip in humor.

The art style, while simple, fits the comic’s tone and is extremely well-executed, never detracting from the quality of the story – the comic still manages to feel genuinely epic at many points despite the purposely simplistic nature of the art.

For more hardcore fans, there are two print books: On the Origin of PCs and Start of Darkness, detailing the origins of the main characters and the villains, respectively, which contain entirely new content. This content isn’t needed to understand or enjoy the main story but does serve to add some excellent depth to the characters. Start of Darkness especially is amazingly written and should not be missed by any Order of the Stick fans, being well, well worth its cover price.

My Thoughts
Anyone who’s a fan of D&D or excellently done fantasy comics in general would be doing themselves a huge disservice not to read Order of the Stick. Yes, that means you reader-who-is-intimidated-by-the-size-of-the-archive. Just start reading. It’s all good, and it only keeps getting better and better. Plus, the long hiatus of updates is (at least at the time of this writing) over, and updates are coming out fairly frequently, although still not on any defined schedule I’m aware of.

In conclusion, go read Order of the Stick. Really. Go do it now. Here’s that link again.    Go.

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One Response to The Order of the Stick

  1. andrewjgeary says:

    While I think this is a great comic the problem I had with it was the abundance of text-walls. It’s not always a bad thing but it can get a little tiresome at times. However, story-wise, this is probably one of the better webcomics out there.

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