Rice Boy

rice boy

Rating: 5/5 – Surreal and Wonderful

A strange boy named Rice Boy is tasked with going on a quest through a surreal world, and along the way he meets many companions and events are set into motion that will change the world forever. A classic setup executed perfectly.

What’s Awesome About It?
This comic is weird in all the right ways. The art is strange, but creates a sense of wonder and imagination that really help the story. The story, while at its core a standard formula, is told with excellence and will keep you guessing and interested throughout. The comic is currently completed, and shouldn’t take more than a few hours to read all the way through. The same creator, Evan Dahm, has more comics on his site here: http://www.rice-boy.com/see/ I haven’t read through all of them, but I’m sure they’re of the same excellent quality as Rice Boy, if not somehow better.

My Thoughts
Rice Boy may take a little getting used to, but it’s one of those comics that manages to be fun and make you think at the same time, while simultaneously presenting you with a world that’s wholly unique. It brings to mind other truly excellent comics such as Saga and certain Sandman stories, and in my opinion, well deserves to be mentioned in such esteemed company. I’d recommend giving the comic a read if you’re in the mood for a tale well-told and full of wonder.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall – stephen@comicspectrum.com
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