Super Frat

super frat


Rating: 2/5 – Frat guys hang around while having incidental super powers
Describing itself as Animal House meets the Justice League, Super Frat follows, as the name might imply, a frat house full of guys with super powers as they hang around and get into fraternity-themed misadventures.
What’s Awesome About It?
The comic is decent for what it is – that being a lowbrow frat comedy.  Ultimately it failed to deliver on anything particularly memorable in my reading of it. The premise of the frat members having super powers barely matters, and a comparison to the justice league only works in the sense that they’re both groups of people with super powers and absolutely nothing beyond that.
The art is decent, but not exceptional – standard backgrounds and cartoony fairly static characters. Most of the characters are pretty linear although they do capture the feel of being just a bunch of frat guys sitting around.  I suspect you can replicate a lot of the experience of this comic by just hanging around some real life bros, or watching or reading pretty much anything else in the college comedy genre.
My Thoughts
This comic has been around since 2005, so obviously it has a following, but it’s not my style. The humor involves lots of laughing at butts and poop and sex references. While there are definitely people who would find Super Frat an entertaining way to blow an afternoon of reading (there is a lot there to go through), ultimately I didn’t feel my time had been well spent.  If you’re looking for lowbrow humor and you’re on the internet, I don’t think you’ll ever find a shortage.  If this style of humor appeals to you then it’s worth a look, otherwise, steer clear.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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