Oh, Hell


Rating: 4.5/5 – School is hell.   Literally!

Zoel is a bit of a handful for her parents and they send her off to boarding school.  What nobody realizes, until it’s too late, is that the school for hard-to-handle teens is actually in Hell.

What’s Awesome About It?
The story concept is fun, and there’s outstanding art.  I’m always a sucker for well-written stories about young adults being put into a situation that they have to think/fight their way out of.  It builds character and when done right you get to be there on that journey of growth).  Co-writers Michael Connell and George Wassil provide good internal conflicts between the characters and sharp dialogue that adds to the overall mix here and makes this a fun read.  I love Dave Hamann’s character designs;  Zoel, Alesse, Zipper, Carl.  The body language, facial expressions, and motion in his art gives them a feeling of life and they pop off the page, enhanced by Michael Birkhofer’s wonderful colors that make the art ‘pop’ even more.


My Thoughts

Rather than give a summary of the series beyond the premise, click the link and read the 1st chapter yourself!  It’s free!

I first ran into this comic as a printed #1 issue being sold by creator & co-writer George Wassil at APE 2013 in San Francisco about a month ago.  Upon learning that there was more than just the #1 issue available for free on-line I became very excited.  I’m now a dedicated fan and am reading this in chunks as chapters are completed (I’ve read up through Chapter 3 and I’m currently waiting for chapter 4 to complete before reading it in one go).  I look forward to the entire GN being completed, I believe they’ll be doing a Kickstarter to put out a hardcopy of the entire thing once it’s complete.  Watch our Crowdsourcing reviews for more on that, I’ll definitely be a backer once this is offered in print.

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