Blue Blaster


Rating: 3/5 – A normal kid gets powers and becomes…a supervillain.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Stephen Bretall.

Normal aimless community college student Aaron hates his life – but when a lab accident gives him energy powers he decides to become a super villain.  You can read the comic here:

What’s Awesome About It?
Blue Blaster is an interesting twist on the classic superhero tale, but has no shortage of flaws. The art is OK, but lacks any particularly standout qualities, and is generally lacking in background details.  The dialog does a good job of making the characters seem human, but the comic spends a lot of time on the characters day-to-day lives, which, while important for characterization, still ends out being pretty boring when over-emphasized.

The most notable thing with the comic is that the main character is a huge jerk. The first thing he does after becoming a super hero is beat up jocks, rob people, and break stuff. This is ultimately setup for what I suspect will be sort of a redemption tale, but it’s long in the coming and the character has no particular likable or redeeming qualities that save him from just being kind of a petty dick who picks on people who are sort of worse than he is, but only by virtue of being extremely stereotypical “mean jocks”.   Also, if jocks are beating you up in COLLEGE, you can threaten them with legal action or maybe just…avoid them? You’re all adults…resorting to vigilantism is probably not the best idea. Then again, good stories are rarely made of characters who do the smart thing when the alternative is super powered fights.

My Thoughts
This comic has a fairly interesting premise but the pacing didn’t work for me and the characters aren’t particularly likable or engaging – although they do a good job of seeming like real people, albeit really jerky ones. There was definitely some enjoyment to be had reading this comic and if you find the premise interesting or like classic superhero stories (or supervillain in this case) where they are dealing with problems in school, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall
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One Response to Blue Blaster

  1. yoda says:

    Just stumbled on this and had the same impression. The main character reminds me of a “nice guy” who thinks the world is unfair but is really someone that just hasn’t gotten over being bullied in high school.

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