Rating: 4/5 – Really stupid humor – which is great if that’s your thing
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Stephen Bretall.

Some people are in the band Deathbulge and get up to wacky situations. Also a variety of one-off jokes, usually of an extremely tasteless but quite funny variety.

What’s Awesome About It?
Deathbulge falls squarely into the “stupid humor” category. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s BAD humor, far from it in fact – if you like dick jokes, fart jokes, and other such fare then you’ll find this comic quite thoroughly enjoyable as it has some well-crafted tasteless jokes. On the other hand, if that’s not your thing then you will find nothing of redeeming value in this comic and can safely skip it.

Art-wise, it is cartoony and gets its point across – the art is good enough for visual gags and that’s all you can really ask from cartoony art in a humor comic. From time to time it dips in quality a bit, but overall the art is a strong point. Some of the jokes aren’t the absolute best, but the archive is decently deep (185 comics as of this review) so there’s plenty of material to read through.

My Thoughts
If you like lowbrow humor, give this a read, as it provides on that front quite well. If you don’t like that kind of humor,  well…there are plenty of other webcomics.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall
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