so thirsty oglaf

Rating: 5/5 – Hilarious sex comedy set in a fantasy world.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Stephen Bretall.

In a D&D-inspired fantasy world people get up to some truly hilarious shenanigans, many of which involve sex in some way. Most pages are not safe for work, but if you go to the archive: http://oglaf.com/archive/   comics are labeled as work safe or not so you can pick and choose (the work safe ones are often some of the funnier ones anyway, see above).

What’s Awesome About It?
Oglaf is straight-up hilarious, which is really all a comedy needs to be. The premises for the jokes and short storylines the comic is made up of are creative and interesting, and the art is great and really conveys a great sense of the world, which adds a lot to the already exceptional humor. If you’re a fan of fantasy comedy at all and aren’t bothered by an adult bent to your comedy (this comic isn’t porn but sex is definitely featured frequently), then you cannot do better than Oglaf in the webcomics world.

As a note for navigating the comic, make sure to use the ‘next page’ button, as comics in the same storyline are grouped together and if you hit ‘next story’ you’ll skip the entire story arc (although this can be useful if you don’t like a given story, but none are more than a dozen pages or so). Also be sure to mouse over panels for hilarious alt-text on every comic!

My Thoughts
Oglaf has consistently delivered great humor as long as I’ve been reading it, and manages to stay (mostly) tasteful despite its adult nature. The comic improves throughout its run, but unlike many webcomics, the early comics are still good, just not quite as good (in my opinion, of course) as the later ones. Don’t miss this webcomic!

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall
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