Rating: 4/5 – A Very Well-Executed (and Different) Take on Zombies.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Greg Bretall.

Unlife takes place in a world where zombies exist, but unlike most other popular zombie fiction, the world is not post-apocalyptic. Rather, most zombies are sentient and are relegated to an oppressed status in society. The main character is James Falick, a man who was turned into a zombie, causing him to lose his girlfriend and earning some distrust from his family.  http://unlifecomic.com/2011/09/30/09302011/

What’s Awesome About It?
Unlife starts off as a very interesting mix of a slice of life webcomic together with a zombie apocalypse. While it starts off as a mostly light-hearted look into the life of someone who is now undead, it quickly transitions into a much more serious comic. The comic deals with several hard hitting social topics by using the zombies as a stand-in for other marginalized segments of society. The main topics writer Josh Breidbart addresses in Unlife are discrimination and segregation. He also deals somewhat with political and ideological extremism through the anti-zombie protesters. However, the comic has very slow pacing and despite being almost 3 years old and updating biweekly, the plot has yet to move significantly forward. This is largely due to the various plot threads that are introduced and teased at, but not very deeply expanded upon as of the writing of this review.

The art by Zack Turner is very solid, using a dark blue palette focusing on blue shadows that contrast with more light blue skin on the zombified main cast. This use of color is definitely one of the comic’s strongest points from an artistic perspective. The author is also extremely good at consistently putting out strips on time.

My Thoughts
I think Unlife has a great amount of potential as a concept and as a webcomic. It has a lot of interesting plot points that will most likely be expanded further in the future. However, the addressing of social issues in the comic was, for me personally, not quite focused enough so far. I think that this aspect of the story is one of the more powerful tools it has at its disposal and isn’t used enough. However, this doesn’t really detract from the overall quality of the comic. I definitely think that Unlife is worth a read to anyone who is interested in a very different take on the zombie genre.

Reviewed by: Greg Bretall
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