Rating: 4/5 – A Look Into the Life of a Collector and His non-Collector Spouse.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Collectors is a weekly strip published every Sunday about a comic collector (Eddie) and his wife Kristen who is NOT a collector.  The strip is not coincidentally written & drawn by Eddie deAngelini, a comic collector who lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kristen.  You can find the strip on-line here:

What’s Awesome About It?
If you’re a collector or can appreciate the collector mind-set then you should find plenty here to love.  deAngelini is a collector and works in a comic store so his insights and humor on collecting really ring true (though his comic-strip doppleganger works in a generic office).  Great moments are sprinkled throughout the run and the counterpoint between a collector and his non-collecting spouse is something that a lot of collectors can likely relate to.


My Thoughts
The art is fairly standard for a humor strip and gets the point across, it sits somewhere between Cathy and Drabble on the art style continuum.  It’s the writing that is the clear draw here.  I see a lot of myself in Eddie, which is a clear draw for me, and his long suffering wife Kristen makes me think of what I’ve put my poor wife Janine through over the years with my collecting (see the strip above for an example, I’ve done this…)  This strip is highly recommended!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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