Story Town

Story Time

Rating: 4.5/5 – A Sweet, Funny, and Thought Provoking Web Series
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Alamo

A bear that is fascinated with people leaves his home for the human world, where he learns that reality doesn’t always meet our expectations. Presented in a style reminiscent of an illustrated children’s book, the story is sweet, poignant, and funny. New story pages were released almost daily for two months or so and sometimes more than once a day. Ending at 93 pages, there’s plenty of content to enjoy at:

What’s Awesome About It?
The story initially looks like something for small children with its cartoony art and characters, but it is actually suitable for all ages. It makes many thoughtful observations about love, life, and growing up that I think everyone can relate to. I love that author/illustrator Jason Albin Thomas asked for opinions from the readers every so often as to how the story should unfold. He even asked for contributions to name a menu item at one of Story Town’s eateries.

My Thoughts
It seems like this would be a great story to follow with a child. At two years old, mine is just a little too young to follow along, but when he is older I will definitely encourage he reads it. Sharing this story would give us a chance to talk about many of the valuable thoughts, ideas, and feelings expressed throughout. For now, I enjoyed following the story myself and there were times I anxiously checked the website multiple times a day for updates. I would highly recommend giving this a read, whether you have a child, are a child, or you’re just someone who likes a great story.

Reviewed by: Adam Alamo
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