Rating: 4/5 – An Ambitious and Beautifully Illustrated Fantasy Story
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Alamo.

A fantastical world named Aradel is peacefully ruled over for millennia by powerful, wise, and benevolent Dragon Gods called Dragnaroks. When a prideful and overzealous DragnaroK rises to power, he creates a perverted version of man, which slowly begins to infect the rest of humanity. Hoping to outrun the spreading evil, survivors flee north to a land of promised safety. This web comic updates every 10-14 days and is currently on its 29th page. There is still plenty of time to catch up and get on board with this adventure at http://dragnarok.com/.

What’s Awesome About It?
What I love most about DragnaroK is the beautiful art. During the prologue, it looks like something that leapt off a book of fairytales. As the story shifts to the present, we get a clean and polished look that would feel right at home with any number of modern animated movies. The color palette maintains bluish tones throughout that highlight the general unease of the story, but is evocative when it needs to be with bright reds and oranges that imply imminent danger. There’s a slight bit of anime to the characters, with big beautiful eyes that accentuate the emotion being felt. The author, Magmi, also gets kudos for innovative use of the medium when she provides a separate computer file that mirrors the book the characters are reading in one scene. The provided “book” has animated page turns and shifting colors, but for those who want to read a static version, that is provided as well.

My Thoughts
DragnaroK is a solid piece of fantasy suitable for those who enjoy dragons, swords, and magic. There has been a lot of ambitious world building thus far, so the present tale set within has only just begun. I don’t really mind all the front end exposition, as it gives the story a solid foundation to build on. I think DragnaroK could benefit from a more frequent release schedule, as two weeks is a long time to wait for such a small piece of story. I could see a reader losing interest because of this, which would be unfortunate because it’s an interesting and beautifully illustrated story.

Reviewed by: Adam Alamo
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