Antique #1 (Mattdrawscomics)



Rating: 4/5 – A Special Sword and a Standard Quest (so far).
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Creator Matt Lesniewski sent us his latest webcomic, Antique, and I’m glad he did as I may not have seen this if he hadn’t. Sadly, with the amount of comics I read each and every week it’s tough for me to branch out into the world of webcomics even though I know there’s plenty of great talent and stories waiting to be seen. After reading Antique though, it could be one of those webcomics I make a point to come back to!

Let’s start with the art. I definitely enjoyed Lesniewski’s style and for the world he’s created, it really works. His pencil line isn’t straight. It’s got a minor “shake” to it that gives his art a rougher and more gritty feel. That same line that’s on his character work can be seen in his panel borders. It’s just enough off and it matches the art found within the panels, providing the whole package a distinct look that gives the world, which matches the story, a worn and run down feel. The main character Elmira and the town she lives in look great, and again, match each others features by both looking rough, aged and ragged. Lesniewski’s action scenes looked a bit stiff in certain panels and because of it, the quieter moments definitely outshined the action scenes for me, not just in the art but in story as well.

The story of Antique follows an older female named Elmira. She lives in a village that’s poor, harsh and dangerous. The opening panels show her about to eat the last bit of food she has left in a home that’s empty of everything of value but a sword, an heirloom passed down to her from her grandfather. In order for her to eat, she understands that the sword must be sold, but those actions move the story forward, giving Elmira a quest she wasn’t expecting. While I enjoyed the ensuing adventure she was given, I was really enjoying seeing how she attempts to live in this village that has obviously been through so much.

I preferred the quieter moments of the story and felt as though there were stories waiting to be told about how people survive in a village that’s as run down as it is, and how an older woman, alone and with nothing left, copes within that setting. I’m still looking forward to the quest ahead, but I’d also love to see the backstory on the world, but that may be coming in future issues. Antique can be found at   You’ll find a couple of Lesniewski’s other works there too, and I’ll have to check out. If you’re looking for something a bit off your normal path, give a webcomic and specifically Antique a try. I’m glad I did!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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